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posted by: on 3/27/2019

Please, kindly pray again for Jay & Lima, that God will greatly help them in these areas them now & lifelong: (1) For a very strong, loving relationship with Jesus, each other, family & all (2) an increase of the manifesting of the Holy Spirit in them (3) increased individual & mutual prayer AND Bible reading, to keep praying together every morning and every night that God keeps them alive (4) for very much help with several great problems, help to overcome & for helpers who DO HELP to come into their lives (5) protection & growth of their love for Jesus, love for each other which they have had for decades now, love for their kids, & love for all (6) health, mental health, safety, time management (7) help to fulfill God’s calling on their lives & with new careers AND that they will be in agreement with the Holy Spirit on these things AND with each other too (7) for miracles in many specific areas (8) God to stop and fully deliver their kids from drugs, alcoholism, reckless sexual behavior, fighting, mental illness, literal witchcraft, a disinterest in Jesus, scorning parental interest in Jesus, coldness to family, stubbornly refusing to admit they have a problem and an unwillingness to STOP partying and living harmful lifestyles and justifying their ignoring Jesus in their lives. Pray God will intervene in their lives and help them to come to KNOW Jesus personally, in a saving way, fill them deeply with the Holy Spirit and quickly CHANGE the direction of their lives and bring them safely into GOD’S purposes for their lives. Pray God will REMOVE all the bad influences on their lives, fast and as long as necessary. Pray God will also bring all other family members to come to know Jesus in a true and saving way, including their older parents, their siblings and families and their very large extended families, and that God protect all of them, keep them healthy and also fill them deeply with the Holy Spirit too, and give everyone great love for each other (9) for God to bring immediate and permanent Holy Spiritual-Awakening, Holy Spiritual-Revival and true and lasting repentance/turning to Jesus to the USA, Argentina, Islas Malvinas, the UK, the EU, Australia and the whole world, quickly, and move the churches to pray much more, passionately, quickly (10) and please pray also for me and Belo that God will help and protect us in relationship with Jesus, each other and all kids and grandkids, AND that God will give us special and endless encounters with Jesus AND that God will help us with marriage and great love for each other, work, finances, where to live, boundaries, faith, peace, calm, Bible and the use of our time together and alone. +++++ I do not really use email, I did not send a valid email address, please pray? Thank you. God bless you
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